A history of the band minor threat

My interest in music has never been genre-specific. You also took an approach to artist equity that set Dischord apart. Throughoutthey followed this same pattern, playing a lot of concerts and releasing 7" singles.

Of course, it didn't occur to me at the time I wrote it that anybody outside of my twenty or thirty friends who I was singing to would ever have to actually ponder the lyrics or even consider them. As the "don't drink, don't smoke" message spread from Washington, D.

Once again, he joined together with Preslar another punk band called The Meatmen in Brian first accepted the offer, but when he was offered to replace guitarist Brett Gurewitz in Bad Religion, he changed his mind.

Preslar was briefly a member of Glenn Danzig 's Samhainand his playing appears on a few songs on the band's first record. At the age of twelve Brian lived with his family in Michigan.

The reunited band featured an expanded lineup: Posted by Seth Lorinczi at 9: They were both too futuristic and too alarming: I talk to people, and I learn from the kinds of questions they ask — and even the kinds of answers I give. But the bottom line, always, is profit.

And the people who are buying music by the smaller, more obscure bands are happy with the vinyl and the download. During their two-year career within the flourishing Washington D. When he was 8 years old, Brian got an acoustic guitar for Christmas.

Punk Spreads

Evangelists are actually selling something. They want to make a living from their music, and they have these ideas about procedures. Brian was petrified, but it also gave him a rush of adrenaline.

Spiky hair and damaged looks, but no guitars and no easy certainties. Do you remember that. One of these was songwriter and producer Ed Cobb, who would have turned 80 today.

What the fuck are you thinking. This could happen for a number of reasons: Everything I have is the stuff that, in his store, people would pay a fortune for it.


Food Not Bombs, AK Press, and hundreds of other national and local grassroots and DIY organizations sprang up from punk communities to actively support poor and underserved populations and produce an alternative to mainstream capitalism.

Not prepared for that. I have nothing to sell. Thrash metal band Slayer later covered the song, with the last iteration of the lyric "Guilty of being white" changed to "Guilty of being right. BLACK FLAG 'Six Pack 7" minor threat rollins band SST bad brains husker du PUNK Founded by guitarist/songwriter Greg Ginn, Black Flag exploded out of L.A.

in with a single so confrontational that MCA Records refused to release it, stating that Black. Minor Threat was a hardcore punk band from Washington DC from the s. Many other bands which played hardcore punk music in the United States were influenced by Minor Threat's music.

Minor Threat's songs were usually short and fast. Minor Threat formed in by Ian MacKaye (vocals), Jeff Nelson (drums), Lyle Preslar (guitar) and Brian Baker (bass), after the disbanding of MacKaye's and Nelson's previous band The Teen Idles.

They released EP's Minor Threat & In My Eyes inbefore going on a hiatus the next year. The co-founder of Washington D.C.’s Dischord Records, MacKaye’s band Minor Threat learned from the light speed performances of D.C.

Ian MacKaye

friends Bad Brains, and helped define the sound of hardcore across the country in the early s. Minor Threat - straight edge punk band from Washington D. Minor Threat - self titled From a photo of Ian Mackaye’s brother Alex Mackaye sleeping. You don't have to drink and drug to be punk, think again.

Minor Threat was a hardcore punk band, formed in Washington, D.C. in and disbanded in The band was relatively short-lived, but had a strong influence on the hardcore punk scene, both stylistically and in establishing a "do it yourself" ethic for music distribution and concert promotion.

A history of the band minor threat
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